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The Bad Moms Mission Statement

At Bad Moms Canada we like to keep it real and honest.  We have had enough of the culture of mom-shaming and we have come together to support each other and share our questionable parenting experiences!

This site is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Between women that have one thing in common: they are great moms doing the best they can to raise great people, with no apologies for not being “perfect.”

We all strive to be the best we can, but the media has perpetuated an image of mothering that quite frankly, can make us normal moms feel like a can of ass. So we’re going to buck the trend of perfectionist momming here, and just be who we are and share our experiences parenting, rocking life, and supporting each other – while not giving a shit if your kids’ homemade lunches are better than ours. We are M.A.M.S (Moms Against Mom-Shaming).

Here’s to bad moms. Here’s to moms everywhere just trying to make great humans.

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