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Mountain View DIY Mural

Every now and again a creative mood strikes! As my toddler began approaching is 3rd birthday I started to get the itch to morph his room from infant/toddler to little boy. The baby things begin being stored away or donated all together and new things added into the mix for the ever changing and growing little person living there. I had seen cool murals across Pinterest for some time now and thought it was something I could handle (mediocre as my skills are!). It really turned out great I think and with a bit of planning ahead of time it came together quite smoothly. Anyone who knows me well would tell you I'm not a terribly patient person. I despise projects that drag on and one for months and quickly get bored with them and look for ways to cut corners near the end! Well for those of you with the same tendencies, rest easy knowing that this is a weekend project for sure. It actually only took me 1 full day but if you are a little more patient than me you could take your time and still complete it over the weekend.

It looks really cool! It's modern yet exciting and fun for a busy growing kid!

The keys to pulling this off successfully are the following:

1 - plan your colour scheme in advance and select colours from your local paint store using the plethora of swatches they have on display. This will help to ensure the colours all compliment each other

2 - Do a sketch of your wall (to scale isn't required) so you can get an idea of how you want it to look and how the levels will interact with each other.

3 - Start from the TOP and work your way down, that way the bottom edge of the colour does not need to be precise as the next colour down will hide/correct it.

4 - Mark the levels with pencil first and then paint over with to create the next level and fill in with roller

5 - Optional feature: the bottom (black) level is Chaulk paint so my little guy can get creative! Be sure to think about what height will be best for that. Mine is about 3 feet up at the highest point.

5 - put on a great podcast or some tunes and enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

6 Paint Colours (bottom/lowest level is Black Chaulk Paint)


Painter's tape

Paint Tray

6 Tray Liners (so you can easily move on to next colour)

Small Roller (with 6 roller refills, to easily change colour)

Plastic Grocery bags (to wrap up liner trays in between levels)

2 - 1/2" Art Tip Paint Brush (for painting mountain peak lines over pencil)

Drop Clothes or Old sheets to protect flooring

Enjoy and please be sure to share your results if you give it a shot!

#BadMomKristin #DIY

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