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Emotional Intelligence: Boys

So, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching in the last few months regarding raising my threenager son (he’s a wise old man for 3 and always proves that to me), and it comes down to this: the next few years will be critical to his emotional development, and will greatly impact how he connects and communicates with people in his adult life. I have to raise my son to be extremely emotionally intelligent so that he can have successful adult relationships.

Sink or swim. I’ve got to set the example that emotions and having them are ok, but that tantrums are not necessarily always cool. That’s where I’m at. I’ve read lots and listened and discussed lots.

Here’s another mom blog that basically outlines where I’m at:

When it comes to raising boys emotionally intelligent is the new strong


I catch myself all the time telling him “oh stop you’re being silly”, and I know that that’s a no-no if he’s crying. But I’m getting there – my son will be a grown up one day and I will make sure he understands how important connecting is.

Anyone out there have any insight or experience here?

xo Sara

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