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What the fuck is this about? Sorry not sorry. I would like to ask the person who came up with this little moniker. Call me crazy but I’m really at a loss. I’ve been an entrepreneur for going on 10 years now and you know what I call it? Entrepreneur. You know what all the people with a penis call it? Entrepreneur.

I am a proud feminist. I believe women to be 100% equal to the male gender, I’m in a marriage that is equal in terms of respect, responsibility and employment.

As soon as I heard this term being thrown around I hoped that a women didn’t come up with it because well, thanks for that. I’m trying to really understand what my issues are with it and I’d like to propose the following questions:

-is it a rationalization? ‘I know I’m an entrepreneur but i haven’t forgotten I’m a ‘mom first’ and just want to the world to understand that.’ You don’t need to do that. Not only do you not need to rationalize this evolutionary drive you have to forge your own path, build something from the ground up and be financially autonomous but you most certainly don’t need to justify it because you’re also a mom. The two ideologies are not mutually exclusive!

-is it an apology? I read an article a while back about how there’s one word that could be undermining your credibility when writing emails to colleagues, clients, coworkers and employees and I had a huge wake up call and have since deleted it from my repertoire. The other interesting part about it was the observation was that men didn’t use this word in their emails. The word is ‘just’….’just wondering what you thought…just checking in….just following up.’ It’s an apology before you’ve even gotten to your point. The word mompreneur feels like that. ‘Oh you don’t need to worry about little old me, I’m just a mom with a hobby, I’m no threat to anyone or to my role as mom.’ Stop that, no you’re not. You’re kicking some serious ass and it’s unapologetically awesome…and you happen to be a mother too.

I didn’t mean for this to be a rah-rah feminist post. I actually don’t think men have much to do with it. The men in my life have been my biggest champions, I think the problem is we need to stop with the meek humility and own our fucking ambition.

So here’s to all the entrepreneurs out there – let’s punch the word ‘mompreneur’ right in the vagina!

For those interested, here’s the link to the original article cited:

xo Kristin

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