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The #1 Things I'll miss about being pregnant!

If I’m being honest, I’m finding this pregnancy far less “magical” than when I was pregnant with my daughter. And yes, I was one of those rare women that felt amazing and loved almost everything about being pregnant. But this time around? No. Just no. I’m really trying to enjoy it. When people ask me how I’m feeling, I usually respond with “Meh” or a grunt. Maybe it’s because I’m three years older, or that my body just knows what to do much faster. Or maybe it’s because I’m at that weird stage of feeling like I’ve been pregnant forever, yet not quite ready for baby to be on the outside. All I know is I’m much more tired, I feel way bigger faster, I’m starting to get achy, and I already feel like I’m waddling. And it’s not even hot out yet. Yikes.

Waddling aside, there are some things that I will truly miss about being pregnant.

  1. Expectant mother parking

This is like VIP parking, for moms. Usually located close to the entrance of stores, I roll up and scoop this gem of a spot up any time I can. I didn’t do it very often with my last pregnancy – hello! What was I thinking?!

  1. Baby hiccups, movements and kicks

The first half of pregnancy is very unglamorous; it’s basically a series of urine samples and blood tests. The part that I like is when baby takes over and starts moving and kicking. It’s a strangely comforting feeling, although it sometimes feels like harbouring a gremlin that is trying to escape

  1. Luscious locks

I have thick hair to begin with, but when I’m pregnant, my hair feels extra thick and healthy. I feel like it holds style better, so I can get away with styling it about twice a week. Bonus.

  1. Being taken care of

This time around I’m taking full advantage of people wanting to help. People seem to be nicer to pregnant women by offering to let them go ahead in line, holding doors open, etc. Carry something to the car for me? Why, yes please!

  1. Maternity clothes

I’m not going to lie – there are a lot of extremely unflattering maternity clothes out there. I might have had a mini meltdown recently when shopping online, and all I could find was peasant-looking items that would make you feel like you’re wearing a potato sack. But when you find some comfy gems, it’s worth spending a bit of money to look and feel fabulous. I’ve been living in dresses this pregnancy.

  1. Having pregnancy as an excuse

Pregnancy is like a catch-all reason for explaining almost everything: Tired? Forgot where you parked your car? Not feeling up to going anywhere? It’s ok – you’re pregnant.

What did you love most about being pregnant?

xo Leigh

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