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Your kids will beg you for these...

Your kids will beg to eat apples with this easy hack!

If your house is anything like mine on the weekend it’s nothing but one snack after another and basically the minute they finish chewing one thing they’re in my face asking for something else. It’s literally endless!

I came up with these easy ‘Apple Nachos’ to fancy up this old classic and turn it into something my kids would devour…and boy do they ever!

Couldn’t be easier:

1 Apple, whatever kind you have or 2 for more kids

Slice Apple thinly, think nacho chip!

Melt 2-3 tbsp of your Favourite nut butter until it’s the consistency of melted chocolate (20-25 seconds in the microwave does the trick)

Chocolate Chips

Chopped Nuts


Dried Fruit (chopped)


….The list could go on and on, whatever you’ve got kicking around the pantry is perfect.

Drizzle the melted nut butter over your apples slices and proceed to dress it up in any way that will make your kid say ‘Oh Hell ya.’

xo Kristin

#yummy #parenting #momming #BadMomKristin #diy

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