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So as an addendum to my original potty training post I’m so happy to report that I think after a few weeks we have achieved potty training success.

It was several months back when kid no. 2 was crapping on my floor that the words ‘ABORT, ABORT’ were flashing in my head and I gave up on my first attempt at potty training. Obviously he was just not ready so why force anything? Especially when trying to force anything onto a toddler with a will that could shake the confidence of even the most steadfast black-ops torture specialist. So I shelved the idea…way to the back….let’s just move the fuck on and pretend it never happened. I figured that the time would present itself perhaps more organically and then we’ll just see.

Months passed and the only thing that grew were my son’s craps so that every time a diaper change came it was like Mt. Vesuvius. The lava was everywhere. Ok, then – I guess we’re just gonna need to revisit this and I needed to find a way to encourage him to get on that potty and do some business. A friend gave me great advice…bribery! Why the fuck hadn’t I thought of that? No-brainer. I hit up bulk-barn for several glass jars and walked out of there with a 2 pound bag of Smarties armed for battle. What I’ve learned over the course of potty training my toddler for the last two and a half weeks is that there are actually very few things my son won’t do for a Smartie.

Pee on potty and show me the results…check. Pour pee into toilet and flush….check. Bend over and touch your toes so mommy can tidy up that tush….check. Sit nicely on your little seat while waiting for Smarties…check. Put puzzle pieces back into ziplock back after completion….check. Eat all your dinner…check. Pour mommy glass of wine….errr scratch that (that would be incredible).

So as a plus, as evidenced by my list above, the benefits of bribing my child with Smarties has indeed extended well past using the potty. I plan on seeing how far I can get that shit to go….get yourself dressed? Fold your own laundry? The possibilities are endless! Now, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies – washing shit out of a little potty sucks, that’s clear, but I accept that it’s just a temporary stepping stone to the big show. Anybody with tips on the big toilet transition from little potty? please share!!

xo Kristin

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