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Nice to Mojito You!

Fellow Bad Mom Kristin is the ultimate drink master / delicious beverage mixologist. She’s always concocting amazing combinations whenever the Bad Moms get together. It’s super refreshing, and perfect for any occasion at all, such as:

  • It’s almost Summer!

  • I had a tough day Momming!

  • It’s the weekend!

  • I’m thirsty!

  • I’m hosting a playdate! (make it for your Mom friends)

  • I just hosted a playdate! (I’m tired)

  • No reason needed! We don’t judge

Bad Moms Sparkling Mojito

  1. Start with about 10 fresh mint leaves in the bottom of your glass.

  2. Add approx. 1 oz simple syrup and the juice of half a lime; add the lime, too

  3. Use a muddler or anything with a flat blunt bottom to help you mash up the mint leaves and lime to extract the oils and flavour.

  4. Once muddled for a few minutes…take your time – it’s a labour of love; add another ounce of lime juice, whether fresh or from a bottle, doesn’t matter.

  5. Top with a several cubes of ice then pour any white rum you have over top, 1-2 oz depending on how your day went!

  6. Top up with a lightly carbonated sparkling water.

  7. Give it a nice stir and always use a spoon to have a taste! Add more citrus or more simple syrup to suit your preference.


xo Bad Moms

#drink #hooch #yummy

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