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Not to toot our own horn's or anything!

So it’s Sunday afternoon, one son is with his grandpa and the other is asleep. This means I have sometime to reflect on Bad Moms Canada: what it is, what it was, and what it can become.

When the blog was first born, the Bad Moms team had no idea of the reach it would have. Pre-blog, I remember nervously sending out an invite to my mom pals saying “hey, you wanna be part of a blog?” knowing full well that I did NOT have the time to run it on my own, and needed a big commitment from the current Bad Moms team. And if I was being honest with myself, I knew there was a strong possibility that because of that very issue – yes, time – that the blog would fall on its face within a month or so. So the fact that we’re six months strong is a big deal. And yep, we have a following.

My mom told me a while ago: “our version of your blog was a mommy/kids group when I was your age, and people just were NOT this supportive of each other. We could have used a group like you.”

I wish my mom had had Bad Moms! As I was out on date night last night and chatting with a friend’s husband, I found myself saying “yep, we have had 7,000 visitors to the site since September (only 6 months ago!), over 13,000 views, over 100 posts, and have reached likely thousands that we don’t know about because they read a post on a friend’s phone, etc. etc.”

I have been told by new moms (both near and far) and very practiced mamas alike that they like the blog because it’s readable, and it’s real.

That’s my favourite description: real. Since the blog launched I have found myself learning from my fellow Bad Moms but also learning about people in general. Over the years I have grown a thick skin because yes, women can be shitty to one another – but you know what? Overall, we are our own best champions. I am staunchly devoted to my mama friends and will defend their right to make their own parenting decisions without judgement until the end of time. Because they do the same for me. We rise above all the unwanted advice, personal challenges, mistakes we make along the way, and day-to-day stress to do the best we can for our kids, and that’s what brings us together.

And that’s what it’s all about. Let’s come together on this journey, not tear each other down because we’re not all momming the same cookie cutter way.

I hope that as we move into the next phase of Bad Moms Canada (we have some great things in store for you!) that more and more women choose to share their experiences and read about ours. Know that when you’re having one of “those” days, or weeks, or months, the Bad Moms are here for ya! Love to all.

See you at Casino Rama May 13th!

xo Sara

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