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Ode to your mother(s)

Ode to my mom

Mom, you rule for so many reasons. When we were kids you let us eat junk food on Friday nights, but didn’t let us watch scary movies so that we wouldn’t have bad dreams. You didn’t spoil us because you wanted us to understand the value of everything but always put on the best Christmases.

You made sleepovers legendary because I could have lots of friends sleepover, not just one. You let me throw a high school grad party and parade around that party wearing a fake fur and carry a bottle of red like a party champ.

You embarrassed me the appropriate amount necessary to remind me that you are my mom and you love me no matter what (lots of excessive waving as you dropped me somewhere where I was trying to be cool with my friends etc.) but you always gave me my space when I needed to fit in. You came to the rescue at University if I was having a basic needs crisis (no food, etc.) and many times after if I was in a bind.

You didn’t ask too many questions when it was too tough to answer those questions. You trusted my choices (even though many of them were very questionable good lord). You gave me a million reasons to want to be a better mom now because you were so selfless with your own kids.

And most important: you imparted the wisdom that I should dream big as much as I can when I can – because you didn’t get lots of the opportunities you wanted so badly for me. Defining moment: I told you that when I was done school that I wanted to go to Europe, solo. I’m an extrovert by nature but with terrible anxiety. But the solo Europe trip was mandatory for my life because I knew I needed to figure out if I could hack it. The problem? Making it happen after spending every last dime on school. The day I graduated you came to Kingston, picked me up, and drove me to the travel agent’s office. You bought my plane ticket and said “off you go.” The best gift you could ever have given a budding adventurer.

Now, you are a grandma. You come every few weeks to help with my boys, 3 and 1. They are busy. They are demanding. But you rock it like you have been momming your whole life. Which, by having me at 22, is kinda the case. And after a long day with the kids when you’re visiting, you always have time to be my mom: “had a hard day? Where’s the wine? Let’s sit down and have a glass after I get the kids to bed.”

Thanks mom, for doing it all, and supporting all of the crazy dreams I’ve ever had.

Xo Sara

An ode to my MIL who is watching us from heaven

Thank you for being in my life during a critical 12 years of it.

You related to things that sometimes seemed un-relatable. You listened to me go on an on about silly things, things I was excited about and things that made me angry, things about parenting, things about trying to be a good wife, about sleepless nights and about being overwhelmed.

You always made me feel special especially during times when you knew I wasn’t feeling particularly special, and you did this in a million ways. You taught me about appreciating the valuable time I have with my kids, without my kids, with my husband, travelling, living, dreaming. You became my confidante and my role model.

You gave me a million reasons to want to be a better mom because you were so selfless with your own boys. You loved unconditionally: your kids, and mine – and treated everyone with the best you had in you.

You had an impact on me that I’ll never ever be able to explain. You were a shoulder to lean on and an amazing grandma to my boys.

Thank you L, for making me so grateful for life.

Xo Sara

Ode to my children on Mother’s Day

You make me want to be a better person.

You give me a million reasons to want to be a better mom.

With each day I love you more and more.

I can’t wait to discover more awesome things about you because you surprise me every day.

You make me wonder what life meant before you. You help me keep things in perspective.

I don’t know how mothers do it who have more kids, because my heart is already so full it’s on the verge of #heartexplosion every minute already because you bring so much love into my life.

I promise to help you be the happiest you can possibly be for the rest of my life no matter what.

You make me realize what living life is really about.

xo Your Mom

#motherhood #gratitude #blessed #BadMomSara

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