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The importance of play

The other day, we emptied a big box of Costco diapers, and my two kids, 1 and 3, gravitated to it immediately – so naturally, I threw some washable markers at my 3-year-old, and told him he could go to town.

While he drew all over the box, my 1-year-old played with blocks by himself in the other room. When the box was sufficiently decorated, I let them have at it together, and it was great to watch.

I sometimes have to keep them separate in their play time because the older one wants his space and no-one wants a screaming match, but I’m also a firm believer in play time together and with no guidelines and 100% imagination.

This “What to expect” article echos my beliefs: 10 Ways Toddlers Prosper From Play.

Lots of kids thrive on routine and structured activities – I like lots of unstructured play time. What about your kids? How do they learn and thrive best?

xo Sara

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