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A for Effort

Score one point for getting up in the morning.

Score one point for smiling, another for smiling at your offspring, and another for getting dressed.

Ladies, let’s be real, sometimes you are shining and wonderful and happy and amazing parents. Other days, it’s what I like to call “muddling.” And often, we are all that, muddling.

I have an internal clock that wakes me up by 7:30. That means if I’m lucky, and my kids sleep past that, I have an opportunity to have an uninterrupted shower, start a cup of a coffee (that doesn’t necessarily end up in my mouth) and THINK about my next move. But many mornings, most mornings in fact, I am in “go” mode as soon as my eyes open.

The days are a series of questions I ask myself and sometimes I can answer those questions, make decisions, and keep things going. Other days, I am lucky if things pan out to the level that both my kids ate each meal and I didn’t forget to feed myself.

Why am I writing all of this? Well, to put it simply, I am constantly reminding myself that we can’t always “win” every day. Sometimes, we just have to get up, understand that it is a new day, and yes, that those “new” days often start with no sleep. We have to slog through, and do the best we can for our kids and our partners and just not get the “me” time we want.

I think the mistake we make is that as moms, we expect 100% of ourselves, all of the time. It’s just not realistic. The odds are stacked against us. I have been having lots of momming challenges that have lately brought me back to reality. The reality being that I am a mom of two boys and they are 3 and 1. They are at completely different stages and I am completely new at all of them.

The purpose of this blog, and of Bad Moms Canada is to create a support network. A group of women who can say “yeah, we love momming. But momming is tough sometimes and sometimes we’re not the best of the best at it, but we still LOVE it, and our children.”

So soldier on ladies, give yourselves an A for effort. Tomorrow is Monday, a new day.

Good luck and may the force of momming be with you.

xo Sara

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