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Growing up

It’s happening. Or maybe it’s already happened, and I’m just abruptly noticing. My baby girl is turning 3 soon. Three!!! How did that even happen? I get emotional just thinking about it. It seems like only yesterday she was a helpless little blob, needing momma for nearly everything. And now, well, she likes to do mostly everything by herself.

Everyone tells you that “time will fly”, which is partly true…other times, it will dragggggg on and you will have days where you’re just waiting for bedtime so you can get into a nice big glass of wine. Lately, I’ve been having sentimental days, where I’m reflecting on how much my baby has changed. Even recently it seems like she’s changed so much.

The other day, she was sitting quietly in her room reading books, and she started reciting one of her books by memory (seriously, this kid’s memory is insane!) I just stood there and watched her for a while, in awe of how much she’s learned since even a few weeks ago. Potty training is nearly complete (yay!) She likes to put on her own coat and boots. She loves helping momma in the kitchen – she’ll pull up a chair to the counter and help often. Feeding the dog is officially her job now. She loves knowing what we have planned for the day. Going outside is one of her favourite things. Her hair is longer than mine now. She picks out her pyjamas every night. This past weekend, I purchased bedding for her “big girl bedroom”. We’ll be enrolling in kindergarten this time next year. What?! It’s surreal sometimes.

I’ve been spending a lot more time with C lately, just soaking up all the little and big moments. I know this is all part of parenting – kids grow up and become their own little people. Still, when it’s your first kid and it’s all happening for the first time, it just feels so different than what anyone tells you. It’s better than I could have imagined. It’s one of those things you just have to experience for yourself to truly understand.

Watching your child grow and change is one of the coolest and sweetest (and emotional!) parts of parenting.

xo Leigh

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