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The little things

I have been feeling a little bummed the last couple of weeks. This happens sometimes with life. Both my kids were sick and so were us parents over the holidays on separate occasions, and the Christmas holidays is the week of the year that I really have “off”, so spending it just trying to get everyone healthy again was a bit of a bummer. One of my boys is going through the “no” stage with me, and it’s lonely over here with the mom guilt: guilt about yelling, guilt about bedtime well before its bedtime, and guilt about really anything—I just feel guilty. It’s not an easy job, momming, but one I love. So when there are challenging periods I can’t wait for them to subside. Then it’s been back to work and work hasn’t been the most fulfilling in January so far.

So that’s why I try to concentrate on the little things–focusing on those magical little moments that make you smile. Here is a list of those things from this week, because truly, that’s what it’s all about right?

  1. Glancing at my 3-year old through the rear-view mirror as we drive, seeing how enthralled he is with everything, and answering all his questions about trucks, cars, and being amazed at how much he knows. Following his instructions when he says “stop mommy, red light means stop.”

  2. Creeping up on him at Montessori, and seeing the look on his face (he actually does a little dance sometimes) when he realizes it’s me and it’s time to go home.

  3. Getting him dressed in the morning. But because his jammy shirt is warm and he really, really doesn’t want to take it off, we put on a really adorable sweater that hides the shirt because, come on, no one will notice and I just can’t stand to make him cold in the morning.

  4. Having no problem obliging his request of a “treat” because he just ate like a horse at dinner.

  5. Holding his little hand because the stairs really are too steep for him still (sometimes, not all the time, but he did fall once and that was terrifying).

  6. When he takes his snowsuit off all by himself. And this morning, when he put his shoes on all by himself.

  7. Listening to him sing a song.

  8. Letting him have his favourite meal, pasta, because it’s his favourite and I know everything that went into it because I made his sauce.

  9. Seeing him cuddle up with his dad on the couch when it’s almost time for bed, and ask daddy a million questions and daddy answers every one, and holds his little hand as they sit together.

  10. When daddy comes downstairs and says “he wants mommy to come lay with him while he falls asleep” and I do. And I watch as his breathing gets slower and more regulated and I just keep still until he does in fact fall asleep, like he’s in the most happy place in the world.

And this all in one day. How can you not love your little creatures?

Xo Sara

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