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The Mother of all New Year's Resolutions

It’s the incredible thing about the end of the year and this inevitable hopefulness that goes along with the seemingly blank slate that a brand new year brings.

I’ve been that person who usually has the same goals come 01.01.__ they usually sound something like, eat healthier, get in better shape blah blah blah.

I’ve taken some notes from great things I’ve read and heard this year from friends and it’s helped me to nail down what I’d like to achieve this year.

Number 1 – I’d love to master and stick with meal planning for my family. I know all of us parents can agree that meal times are some of the more stressful and frustrating moments of the day and the worst part is that it comes right near the end of it when I’m exhausted from all of the decisions I’ve already made. So I end up not caring. It’s something I’d like to change. I’d like to thank a friend for sharing a great article about how important eliminating needless decision making is from your day so that it makes room for the more important decisions. This philosophy was so eye opening and impactful to me and I’d like to adopt it. The article was specifically suggesting that streamlined work ‘uniforms’ was a great area to eliminate decisions and I agree but I think it applies to any area of difficulty or frustration. In my house….dinner! so I’ve been hitting Pinterest hard with the hopes of eliminating stress from my life and in turn make better mealtime decisions for the people I love most.

Basically that’s it…I’m not overly ambitious! I really feel like getting that under my belt will naturally lead to so many other wins that I can’t even be bothered to ‘decide’ what they ought to be! See what I did there?

So to all the Bad Moms out there reading this who already have meal prep licked, please bestow your planning wisdom on me, I’m all ears!

All the best in 2017 fellow Moms!!! Let’s make it our bitch.

xo Kristin

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