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T'was the Day after Christmas

We ate, we drank, we…yakked.

Yeah. So I haven’t hosted Christmas in a while, generally hosting hasn’t been conducive to our situation in the last couple of years so I just haven’t.

This year however, my parents, hubby’s dad, and my brothers came for Christmas supper on Christmas Eve (my family spending the night), and my two little boys had a blast. Remember my vid on Christmas Eve? I had a blast too, prepping our feast and getting the house ready. Lots of wrapping and cleaning and whatnot, and I loved it.

I have to say, having my whole family in the house together was pretty special. My brothers and I have a great time partying and being ridiculous. It was awesome. My parents enjoyed their kids and grandkids.

On Christmas morning the unwrapping went smoothly. People left when they left, my brother who lives 16 hours away opted to stay for Christmas Day and overnight. I was pumped to hang with him and hubby and the kids.

Around 8pm however, everyone felt tired. Hubby said he wasn’t feeling too hot, and by 9pm things had gotten bad – he was sick all night. My eldest had been sick the last few nights with this crazy cough (but that never dampened my Xmas spirit) so I wasn’t upset to be up again, and felt bad for hubby being up all night sick too. Then 4am rolled around and bang: I was now in the bathroom too violently ill…and on it went…all day. This was Boxing Day.

Suffice to say, hubby and I were down, my brother was down, my parents who were at home were down, my other brother went down, hubby’s dad went down–all of us went down very very hard. It was a 24-hour thing but it was a doozy. I laid on the floor of my year-old’s floor for a few hours just because I couldn’t hold him and I knew he was safe in the crib. I gathered all the toys I could and threw them in there and hoped my three year old would be satisfied with movies on repeat.

Everyone is good now, it’s the 28th, I’m finally getting through the last of the cleaning and organizing of new toys. While I’m disappointed that we all got sick, it was still my baby’s first Christmas, we got through it with lots of laughs (even when my brother and I were sick, we still had time to chat which is rare), and I have lots of vids of my little guys doing fun little guy stuff.

Still: are you kidding me? I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to eat turkey again. Ha.

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house, the people were yakking, even…a…mouse?

I don’t know. My brain is still fuzzy.

xo Sara

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