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All I want for Christmas

The hubby asked me last week: “what do you want for Christmas?” knowing that I would have no idea what to answer. I’m known by my close friends as notoriously against “stuff” (need to de-clutter your home? Call me, I’m your gal), and I always buy for my family, rarely for myself.

So I really had to think about it. And in the end, he already has an idea of a gift, and will do just fine. But if I’m being real with myself, and going into 2017 that is a HUGE priority for me, my real Christmas wish is this: I would like some time for Christmas.

Time to watch my kids play.

Time to enjoy every meal with my family, not rushed or encumbered by a schedule.

Time to take my 3-year old outside and build snowmen.

Time to help my baby learn to walk (he’s getting so close!)

Time to read.

Time to have a ridiculously long shower.

Time to listen to music.

Time to write! For this blog, and otherwise.

Time to take photos because that’s something I’m enjoying lately and need to do more.

Time to clean out the damn garage (maybe we’ll get a day that’s not minus 20 and it will work out? HA!)

Time with my husband, just the two of us, after the kids go to bed, on a night when I can stay up late because I don’t have to work the next day.

That’s it. Easy right? I just want a little time with the most important people in my life. We work really hard and I would like to enjoy it a little, at home, in the comfort of our little family nest.

Luckily, with my clientele being the types to not work over Christmas, I am probably going to be able to do a lot of nothing with my kids and the hubs. Provided that there are no curveballs or last minute trips to the office.

But if Santa’s listening – hey, think you can help a mama out?

xo Sara

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