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Little Mermaid

Parenting is full of surprises. I feel like I’m always learning something new. Like the other day, I learned a hot tip for potty training: line the bottom of those little potties with toilet paper and water for the inevitable number 2 that will land in there and not want to wash away easily, despite the jet engine force of the water that you will spray into it. If only I had known this prior to my futile attempt…

Let’s rewind a little here. My daughter C has recently discovered that tooting is absolutely hilarious. She notifies me of each and every toot, and tells me in explicit detail whether it was a big toot, or a little toot, or a stinky toot. Same goes for burps, sneezes, coughs and seemingly any other noise that comes from her body. Combine this with potty training, and well, we’ve had a lot of laughs in our house lately!

Bath time is usually another time full of laughs over here. Except if we’re washing C’s hair – then it’s full of scream cries. I digress. C loves her baths, and pretending she’s a mermaid. She lays on her tummy, kicks here feet, and says “Look Mommy, I’m a mermaid!” It’s the cutest. The other night, while showing me her mermaid moves, she lets out a series of toots, of course. Then she quickly sits up, and continues tooting away. All of a sudden, the smile on her face changes to one of horror and fright, and she keeps looking down. I ask her if she needs to use the potty, but it’s too late. Cue the Caddyshack pool doodie moment.

C is just horrified that she’s just shit in the tub, and she immediately asks me if I can take it out. I’m laughing hysterically, as it’s the first time this has happened (surprising, after nearly 3 years of baths!) So, I scoop C out and put her on the little potty, thinking she’s all done. Then, I scoop out and flush the floater, and she gets the same look on her face again. I should also mention that earlier in the day, she had her first number 2 on the potty at daycare (yay!) Anyways, she continues her business on the little potty, and I’m still laughing, and wondering how on earth I’m going to clean that ridiculous little shitter out. I’m not gonna lie – cleaning up a diaper shit is far more appealing than what I was dealing with on this particular evening. If only I’d known the hot tip before…

To summarize, what I’ve learned is that it’s time to get rid of that little potty, and C can start using the actual toilet. And I’m going to kinda, sorta miss those diapers

xo Leigh

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