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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Something inside of a child’s mind seems to make the determination that if their sibling seems to be playing along nicely to mom’s instructions the time has come to take her down a peg. I’m always torn about how to handle these situations. What is the motivation? What is behind it? Attention? Rebellion? I seriously don’t understand but I would like to so that I can tailor my reaction most appropriately.

Now I’ve been blessed with a fairly easy going, mild mannered daughter. Even she falls victim to what I have begun to label ‘the teeter-totter phenomena’. Can anyone else relate to this?

I can never get both kids to be obedient and pliable at the same time. One of them always chooses to be a complete tool and kill my vibe. For instance, we’re at the grocery store and the cart is full of groceries. Food we need to get through the coming week. All goes well...bagged, paid for and off we go. While I was with the kids loading up on food hubs ran to LCBO because, kids.

Our plan was to meet at the back empty side of the parking lot to reconvene and head home. Son No.2 is marching along great, he’s staying close to me in an attempt to avoid getting plowed by a car reversing out of their parking spot which is my biggest source of anxiety when leaving the grocery store with my kids. Daughter who is 4 years older and already has legs for days is walking at a pace that can only be described as rage inducing. I know she’s fully capable of keeping pace with us, and then some. But she won’t...she'd prefer to lag about 10 steps behind when I have to constantly and obsessively crane my neck in all directions like a fucking owl to make sure no cars are going to drive right into her….why god why?

Just ‘cause. That’s all…..just ‘cause. I guess I just have to be done analyzing it. It’s the ‘teeter-totter phenomena’ and it’s a thing.

Xo Kristin

#BadMomKristin #parentingfail #parentinghumor

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