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I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing the graphic and horrifying images of the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. As soon as I saw the first image of a child clinging to the arms of their mom my heart was pounding with pain, panic and empathy. I cannot even imagine the fear any parent would have in seeing not only their dearest possessions washed away but the the uncertainty of how their family is going to get out of it.

I watch the news lately and am left with a n accute feeling of hopelessness. I want to fix it or do something but I never know how or what would be the best way.

The displacement these families are facing is immense but this small gesture can make a world of difference and I guarantee I'll feel better knowing I did something.

Please, click the link below and donate a box of diapers. All of these precious little babies, some now without parents will desperately need items as simple as this:

Also - SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! Please share and spread the word. Thank You!!!

xo The Bad Moms Team

#gratitude #altruism #hurricaneharvey #toddler

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