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From a reader: "bad mom" moments

We hear about lots of “bad mom” moments at Bad Moms Canada, but this contribution from a reader, Sam, is all too familiar!

My babies are my life, and I try to be the best mom I can to them. Having my second baby in January and then off to start a new career just three months later, I was already feeling guilty about leaving my babies.

Olivia isn't a baby anymore - she's 6 going on 16! She's a mini me so sometimes she out sasses me and out smarts me! She's so independent and loving and shows more empathy I have ever seen in a child her age. She's truly beautiful inside and out.

My little Owen is almost 9 months.... he's a handful. Definitely the complete opposite of his sister from when she was that age. He always wants attention and needs constant snuggles. I don't coddle him but I definitely give him the snuggles he needs.

My husband, Troy is a trooper. He took parental leave to stay home with Owen while I went to start my real estate career. He really does an amazing job holding down the fort. He's an amazing father and an even better stepfather. He stays on top of the house chores and the kids and has always been super supportive and loving of me. I'm a handful, let's face it. He handles everything with grace and laughter. I don't know how I got so lucky with him. He truly is my soul mate.

I hope other moms can find comfort and reassurance they are doing a good job by reading my post.

I had a "bad mom" moment today... I'm sure moms out there have them often when it comes to our kids and parenting. I was at the grocery store and I was with Owen... he was kind of fussy but not full out screaming. He was sitting in the cart all buckled in and watching a show... he wanted up! I couldn't do it at that moment because I was shopping and needed to hurry. One lady asked "are you going to pick him up or just continue ignoring him...??"

People that know me are probably thinking "whoa shit Sam must have lost her mind on this lady"....I didn't.... I wanted to but I didn't. Instead I asked her, do you have kids? She replied no....I said "then how could you possibly judge my parenting to the point you have to say something out loud? I work full time, have two children, a husband and I try and be the best mom I can be but because I can't pick up my son in that moment you are walking around the store, you're going to judge me and question my parenting!?"

She walked away and didn't say a word.... I obviously teared up a bit and of course felt bad for not picking up Magoo... who at this point was laughing at his show on my phone.

Sometimes I'm a shitty mom, and I know my friends on here have had those moments, but I can tell you that wasn't one of them. I love my kids more than anything and would destroy anyone or anything trying to hurt them. This is just a reminder that even if we as moms have shitty days, weeks, months, whatever!! If your kids are happy and enjoy life, and are good kids with good morals and respect others then you're doing just fine!

xo Guest blogger Sam

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