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5 random new mom thoughts

How did my Mom do it?!

I don’t know about you, but I immediately felt a stronger bond and appreciation for my Mom when I became a Mom. I’ve always appreciated my Mom, but this was different. This was more like, “How the F did you do this? And then, how the F did you do this two more times?!”. True love, baby, that’s how. That, and survival mode. My Mom didn’t have a car when I was a baby, let alone the Internet, online support groups, a cell phone, strollercize classes, baby & me classes, early years programs, and the list goes on. Perhaps it was simpler in some ways, and more isolating in others. Either way, we both survived. Love you, Mom!

  1. Am I going bald?

Remember that thick, lustrous hair you had while pregnant? Well, be prepared to cry watching it come out in big handfuls and wash down the drain while you shower. You might think you’re going bald. You might be (temporarily)…but it will grow back…eventually, in the form of cute awful baby bangs. Stock up on cute headbands and scarves to hide those little sprouts. Or, in true Bad Moms Canada style, let those sprouts run wild!

  1. Will I always be SO hungry?

In the early days of learning to breastfeed, I remember feeling a hunger so intense it was shocking – and I’m pretty good at eating ;). I could eat like a WWF wrestler, and still have room for more. My husband would look on in amazement disbelief while I ate everything in sight. It didn’t last forever, but it was crazy while it lasted.

  1. Can I wear my maternity clothes forever?

Maternity clothes have a come a long way since our Moms wore them. Some of the nicest clothes in my closet are from when I was pregnant. Maternity pants are the bomb – especially the ones with the very high waistband. I don’t think there is anything more comfortable. Plus, no one will know that you’re wearing maternity clothes. So yes, you can wear them forever. It can be our little secret. I’m wearing them right now, 2.5 years later. Like I said, so comfortable!

  1. Will I ever feel like myself again?

This one might take a while. Everything felt different to me after I had my daughter. Showering, laughing, sleeping, driving, talking to people. All the things had changed, because I had changed. It was a very weird transition that I wasn’t expecting. You will figure it all out and feel like yourself again. Or at least a new version of yourself. I always say, I’m nearly me again. Forever changed, for the better.

xo Leigh

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