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2018 New Year's Resolutions

Here they are, all 10 of them.



Ok ok, just kidding. I'm not really going to bore you with my resolutions list for the year.

Can we go ahead and maybe do some collective resolutions that have nothing with going to the gym, or swearing off sugar for life, laying off the Netflix... blah blah...something else that when the days get long and you've been momming hard for too many hours in a row, some goal that completely flies out the window?

Instead of sharing my personal resolutions, I'll share a synopsis, because maybe there are some of you out there who have been in the trenches and are thinking "how can 2018 be better?" My 2017 ended with a bang with a family vacation and let me tell you, it set the pace for next year.

My personal goal for 2018: it will be the year that I will strive to be happy more often. And everything else that is involved in making that happen is the bulk of my resolutions list. I took small steps in 2017 to make sure this could happen in 2018, as much of 2017 was a particularly difficult one for my mental health. But in 2018, watch out. I am going to be a mama hell-bent on happiness.

So as hard-working mamas, in 2018 let's all give ourselves a collective break. Let's allow ourselves more time and opportunities to try to make OURSELVES happy. How about that?

On that note, here are 10 fun ideas that may lead to more momming happiness (some ideas borrowed from other blogs and some of my own):

1) try to find one opportunity every day to make each of your kids laugh at how silly you are (I did this today and it was wonderful just seeing my little guy giggle at my idiocy).

2) take one full breath of fresh air, no matter how freaking cold it is outside, just because you can!

3) don't put off having a shower because your day is insane! get up, have a shower, start fresh! Strap the kids in high chairs in front of the TV and go!

4) find one slot of time every day, even if it's 30 seconds, where that time is totally devoted to doing something PLEASURABLE. Even if it's reading a trashy mag in the bathroom. THINK PLEASURE. The possibilities are endless.

5) eat something you feel like eating because you feel like eating it.

6) have a glass of wine.

7) randomly text something positive to a mom friend and tell her to pay it forward when she can. We're all in this together!

8) look in the mirror, find something you love about your look!

9) do nothing whenever possible.

10) when you can't do nothing, revel in the chaos as much as possible!

Love y'all. Can't wait to share your stories in 2018.

xo Sara

#mentalhealth #parenthood #selfcare

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