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Thanks for your submission Trish, we all feel the same.

Not sure why the Humboldt tragedy has struck such a profound and personal chord with me. It has consumed my days and nights since hearing about it. Maybe it’s because I’ve travelled by bus with teams, maybe it’s because I grew up with brothers who played hockey, maybe it’s because I have coached teams of young people, maybe it’s because I am a parent, maybe it’s because I’m from a small town, maybe it’s because I can’t imagine the horror first responders had to witness, maybe it’s because I can feel the weight of the life sentence that has already been placed on the shoulders of the truck driver and just’s simply because I am human. This tragedy represents the fragility of life. It represents life’s unfairness. It represents cruel aftermaths for families and communities. It represents devastation. The optimist in me now needs to see that although the devastation has been palpable for many has seamlessly turned into: strength - as a nation supports our own, courage - as families and survivors choose to battle grief together, sincerity - as neighbours, children and friends place sticks on porches, inspiration- as people write songs and produce art that help unify provinces, solidarity - as thousands of people wear jerseys, generosity - as money is raised to support those intimately affected and most importantly, this devastation has ignited love - love that has been local and widespread, love that has been sent in prayer and thoughts, love dedicated to teams and sport communities, love that makes us hug our children and families tighter, and love that is all encompassing that surrounds those who need it most. 💚 #humboldtstrong #connectioniswhatmakesushuman #ifthereisabrightsidethisisit #strength #courage #sincerity #inspiration #solidarity #generosity #love

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