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A picture says 1,000 words

A few weekends ago my boys and I got professional photos taken. My plan is to have them done in September, every year until I die. Or maybe not until I die but close anyway. September is a time for beginnings but also a time when I'm reflective. My MIL passed away two years ago this month and it's been a hard couple of years. More on that in another post.

But this one photo, when I look at it it's crazy to just imagine that my eldest just started J/K. My youngest is almost three. It seems like yesterday that they were born.

It's crazy to think about the last few years and EVERYTHING that has happened, and it all seems to be reflected in this photo through the boys. There has been so much sadness losing my MIL, so much happiness watching them grow and learn and achieve little milestones, there have been a million laughs and a million tears.

The hubby and I have taken them on trips, had so many obstacles thrown at us, we've had some really gruelling times and then also some incredible moments where we look at each other and say "wow, those are our guys." The ups and downs have been really up, and really down. But that's the idea, to mark each year with a reminder that we're here, we're living, and this is our life.

As one of my friends pointed out, photos are a good reminder to mark memories - so much is on our smartphones or seen in passing. But every single day there are small things that can remind us how quickly time flies, so let's appreciate our time.

They grow up fast.

xo Sara

Photo courtesy of @shawnmoretonphotography

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