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It really DOES get easier! Pinky swear!

Well mamas, I have to officially say it - I have arrivvvvved! (Please picture that announcement with an Oprah-like sweeping arm gesture and huge applause).

The sheer overwhelm of motherhood, and in my case motherhood crossed with self-employment (i.e. always thinking about work when I'm not working and in many respects not being present) has SUBSIDED. Like, really, for real, no jokes, not kidding you, full on.

Recently, the magic of young children playing has entered our household. The sounds of giggles, sometimes, the sounds of low chatter, have become the norm--with of course (come on people, I don't live in a GD temple or something) the odd fight or disagreement. When this blog started, I had an eight month old and a 2.5 year old, the insanity was insane, and there were ZERO breaks at any point in the day. Get up to the kids, organize for work/daycare, go do that, come home, feed all, nursing, pumping, trying to have adult conversations blah blah. Then have one thousand sleepless nights until you want to die... yes, all of that. All of that has suddenly become "old times."

There are now moments between the insanity, a few minutes after work pre-family time, and during the times in between where I can have a thought of my own, and enjoy something that doesn't involve poop, pee, cooking, or whatever parenting thing is happening.

And you know what? I don't care if you think I'm complaining about those early years. They were damn hard, and the people reading this KNOW that. This isn't a complaint. This is full-on relief. I am getting up in the mornings looking forward to what the day brings, and knowing I can handle pretty much whatever the eff life throws at me. The overwhelm of motherhood has eased up.

Yes, it did take 4 years. My youngest just turned 4, and he can talk. He can reason (most of the time) and yes, I still baby both my boys. And there are so many fun times ahead! And I fondly think back to the fun times we've already had--there are so many great memories.

But that light that other moms told me about? When siblings could play peacefully for like, 10 minutes so you can shower solo? I am there ladies, I am there. And it is freaking glorious.

It does get better, no matter what you're going through, whatever your parenting journey looks like, it does get better.

Keep on keepin' on.

xo Sara

#patience #anxiety #family #parentingwin

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