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Wanna help a remote school? Small ask!

Hey mamas! We have a special request, if you are interested let us know. There is a Grade 4 class in a remote NL community needing small things to make Christmas special. There are 9 girls and 13 boys.

Ideas to put into a box: PlayDoh • Modelling clay • Beads and string for younger children to make necklaces and bracelets • Beads, beading needles and beading thread for older students • Feathers • Pipe cleaners • Watercolour paint • Paintbrushes • Painting paper and painting/sketchbooks • Wood craft sticks or shapes • Embroidery floss

Anything that will help make Christmas special! The dollar store is a great place to go : )

Please let us know by FRIDAY OCTOBER 29TH if you would like to take this on, if not, we will donate!

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